Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative care is a set of interventions designed to improve a patient’s body function and well-being after suffering from trauma, injury, or illness. At Spring Mountain Medical, our trusted family doctors offer individualized rehabilitative care to focus on patient-specific outcomes and wellness goals. Using specialized therapies, exercises, and pain management practices, we help support patients through the recovery process and get them back on track to healthier, happier living.

Rehabilitative Practices at Spring Mountain Medical

‌Spring Mountain Medical’s rehabilitative care is tailored to enhance our patients’ quality of life, restore their health and wellness, and help them return to daily activities. Our rehabilitation process focuses on:‌

  1. Diagnosing and managing illness or injuries
  2. Strengthening impaired functions and skills
  3. Promoting recovery through customized, integrated therapy
  4. Improving quality of life and overall well-being
  5. Preventing future flare-ups

‌ We offer a combination of the following practices to facilitate the rehabilitation process:

Vibration Therapy

‌Localized vibration therapy is an effective method to deliver targeted treatment to the muscles, bones, or connective tissue. By transmitting vibrations to strained or affected body parts, we help relax and strengthen muscles, alleviate pain, enhance bone health, improve circulation, and relieve stress.

Stretching and Strengthening

‌Stretching and strengthening exercises are crucial for recovery and physical well-being. These exercises strengthen muscles and bones and improve joint flexibility and range of motion. Our expert medical professionals encourage patients to perform these exercises to enhance their movement, reduce joint stiffness, and ultimately resume physical activities.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling can be used to relieve muscle tension, pain, or swelling. This simple yet effective rehabilitative technique improves circulation and range of motion. Our healthcare providers guide patients in proper foam rolling techniques to ensure their safety and well-being.

Sports Bracing and Wrapping

Our health care providers perform bracing and wrapping ‌to treat and prevent sports injuries and joint problems. We use sports braces and porous, athletic tape to stabilize a sensitive or injured joint, like the ankle or knee. These measures are effective for pain relief and sports injury prevention and management.

‌Instrument and Manual Muscle Mobilization

‌Spring Mountain Medical’s chiropractors perform mobilization by manually applying pressure to problematic joints, ligaments, or muscles through smooth, repetitive motion. We also perform instrument mobilization for targeted treatment. Our mobilization therapy helps reduce pain, optimize muscle strength, and improve flexibility.

Is Rehabilitative Care Right for You?

‌Patients may require rehabilitation due to injury, accident, surgical trauma, illness, or age. Our rehabilitative care offers patients benefits, including:

  • Pain relief and improved body functio‌n
  • Increased muscle strength, coordination, balance, and mobility
  • Improved joint and muscle flexibility‌
  • Improved gait and posture
  • Prevention of injuries and their recurrence

‌For patients struggling with recurring pain or mobility problems, rehabilitation can help promote health and wellness, increase independence, and improve daily functionality.

‌Schedule an Appointment

‌If you are seeking rehabilitative care and wish to consult with a chiropractor, schedule an appointment with Spring Mountain Medical today. Our experienced medical practitioners will facilitate your recovery and help you achieve your wellness goals through our customized rehabilitative solutions.