Primary Care

Spring Mountain Medical offers a wide range of primary care options for both acute and chronic healthcare needs, as well as preventive health and physical exam services.

We are proud to help families save valuable time and money by serving multiple areas of health. If we can take care of it at Spring Mountain as part of your primary care, there is no need to find a last-minute appointment somewhere else or wonder where your insurance might be accepted. If we recommend further exploration of your case, we refer you to a specialist right in our office.

We can help with a wide range of health needs, like:

Acute & Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes – We’re here to help you manage Type I and Type II diabetes so you can live your best life.

Hypertension – We work with you to monitor and treat high blood pressure to prevent further complications.

Cholesterol Management – Take control of high cholesterol levels, which increase your risk for heart disease.

Arthritis & Joint Problems – We can treat arthritis and joint problems with oral and topical prescriptions. We can perform injections on-site for relief.

Acute Anxiety & Depression – Our primary care physicians are experienced in treating acute anxiety and depression and can also help you find the right counselor or therapist.

Thyroid Conditions – Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and Grave’s disease are all conditions we treat at Spring Mountain Primary Care.

Acne & other skin conditions – Our primary care physicians can prescribe oral and topical medications for acne and minor skin conditions. We will happily refer you to a trusted dermatologist if we recommend further treatment.

Asthma, allergies & sinusitis – For these conditions, we work with you to find the best treatment. We consistently stay informed on inhalers, epi-pens, and medications to provide the highest quality of care.

Cold & Flu – Bacterial and viral colds and flu cases hit us all at some point during the year.

Weight Management – Gaining weight, maintaining weight, and losing weight are complex processes due to the countless factors involved. We will help you on the journey and make healthy and safe adjustments along the way.

Testosterone Therapy – Testosterone levels fluctuate as men age and can be regulated with therapy.

Minor Surgical Procedures – We have full capability to perform minor procedures in our office, such as cyst drainage or removal, stitches, stitches removal, etc.

Ear Lavage – Also known as ear irrigation. Our physicians can clear ear wax buildup and blockage that hinders your hearing, causes headaches, and more.

Preventative Care & Examinations – Whether it’s an existing condition or a potential hereditary health issue, preventative care visits help to catch problems early so your provider can determine the most effective treatment plan.

Annual Physicals – Your child’s daycare, school, university, etc. may require proof of an annual physical. Whether you need to schedule a physical or show proof from a previous visit, our office staff has you covered.

Sports Physicals – For school and community sports, annual physicals are typically required with forms officially signed by a doctor.

Pre-Operative Physicals – If you’re having an outpatient procedure or surgery at a hospital, we handle your pre-op appointment to make sure you’re cleared for surgery.

Electrocardiograms (EKGs) – Our office frequently completes EKGs, whether they’re needed for pre-op, diagnosis, or to record your natural baseline.

Skin Cancer Screenings – With the availability of on-site skin cancer screenings, there’s no need to make a separate dermatologist appointment.