Long-term pain can interfere with your life in many ways. It can ruin plans, disrupt your work, interrupt your sleep, and keep you away from loved ones. Around 100 million people in America and 1.5 billion worldwide suffer from chronic pain. In addition to the physical effects of pain on the body, those who have to deal with constant pain can suffer mentally as well. 

Why a Pain Management Specialist?

When normal methods of relieving pain no longer work, or when your bouts of pain occur more often, it may be time to seek help from a pain management specialist. These specialists have many proven, safe methods of treatment available to help manage chronic pain. The quicker you get to a treatment facility, the sooner you can begin to live your life with less pain. 

The purpose of a pain management specialist is to relieve pain and increase your overall life quality. These professionals give you the tools that you need to manage your pain on your own and improve your functionality.  They can treat sudden problems like headaches as well as long-lasting issues like lower back pain. In many cases, a patient who visits a pain clinic can be treated and go home feeling better the same day. Pain management specialists combine procedures with medication that can help to stop the pain in its tracks. 

Spring Mountain Medical can help you with your chronic pain with proven techniques that cover all types of pain. The types of pain that pain management professionals treat fall into three core groups. The first is direct injury to the body, like arthritis. The second is pain due to nerve injury or a disease of the nervous system, like stroke. The third type of pain is a mixture of nerve and tissue injury, like back pain. 

At Spring Mountain Medical, we integrate many practices for total relief. We use the following therapies for your pain needs:

  • Advanced primary care. Our doctor’s practice offers advanced services including preventive care, physical exams, management of disease, and surgical procedure screening. Our medical professionals use these procedures to detect both acute and chronic conditions and treat the pain from conditions like arthritis or joint pain.
  • Chiropractic care. We have chiropractors who use specialized tools to manipulate the patient’s spine or other parts of the body to get rid of pain. Many people complain of back, joint, and muscle pain. We encourage healing with the use of chiropractic care rather than pain medication, which can become addictive. 
  • Medical massage therapy. Our medical massage team provides customized plans to give you definitive outcomes for pain-free activity. Our staff believes in targeted treatment plans for fast patient recovery.  
  • Rehabilitative care. Our rehabilitative practices include muscle mobilization and vibration therapy to improve quality of life and relieve pain from daily activities. Our experienced health providers are committed to the complete restoration of our patients’ health and wellness.

Time to Get on With Life

Pain management can reduce or eliminate the intensity and occurrence of pain and help you get on with your life. Spring Mountain Medical can help treat your pain and enhance the functionality of your body. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation.