We often forget that the older we get, the more our parents age and their bodies become susceptible to injuries, diseases, and chronic conditions. Unfortunately, the aging process cannot be prevented, but it can be managed with the help of good family care. 

Finding the best family care for elderly parents is a crucial step in getting them the quality attention and nurturing they need. Before making a decision about your loved one’s health management, make sure to do your research and understand which key aspects of family care should be taken into consideration.

What Is A Geriatrician?

Geriatricians are primary care providers (PCP) for older patients. They are specialized practitioners who have completed their studies in internal medicine or family medicine and are certified to treat the elderly, generally from the age of 65 and up. 

Before getting family care for your elderly parents, they need to see a geriatrician. These doctors are trained in understanding and treating the complex medical needs that your parents may require, and they can provide recommendations on future treatment. 

What To Look For In Primary Care

Having access to good primary care is essential to the community as it focuses on improving the health of the public by giving patients access to medical care cost-effectively. Thus, by focusing on the individuals as a whole rather than the disease at hand, it provides them with information and the necessary recourses they require to attain a good bill of health. 

There are certain aspects of primary care you need to keep in mind before determining what family care option is best suited for your elderly parent. Here are three things to consider when finding the best primary care physician for your elderly parents:

Relevant Primary Care Services

Primary Care Providers can offer a wide variety of services, but not every practitioner provides every service. Understanding the services each potential PCP offers will help narrow your options to select the appropriate doctor. 

The trained professionals at Spring Mountain Medical offer a variety of primary care options for your elderly parents. Some of our services include: 

  • Acute and chronic disease management
  • Treating elderly patients for both long-term and short-term conditions
  • Assisting with early intervention protocols 
  • Preventing further health problems from occurring

You will feel more comfortable knowing your elderly parents are going to a doctor that not only offers services your parents require, but specializes in them. 


Understanding the different types of doctors available can help you narrow down your search. Most doctors that will be labeled as primary care providers are generally found in family or general practice and internal medicine.

Family Practice– Family and general physicians are doctors who treat patients of all ages. They don’t specialize in a particular area but can treat a variety of conditions ranging from injuries to chronic conditions.

Internal Medicine – These physicians treat adults and typically specialize in the diagnosis, management, or prevention of chronic conditions and diseases. 

A Convenient Location

You need to identify doctors located in an area that is convenient for you or the caregiver to visit. This will provide you with peace of mind for when your elderly parents have an appointment with their PCP or if there is an emergency.

In addition to the location, it’s also necessary to consider their office hours. Determining the days and times doctors see their patients will give you a better understanding of whether or not you will need to miss work or if you can make an appointment for the weekend. 

It’s also essential to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with your doctor. Select a PCP whose native tongue is the same as yours or someone who is bilingual. This way, you can discuss your healthcare smoothly and without difficulty. 


Determining the best family care for your elderly parents can often seem like a daunting task because you only want the best for them. Understanding the different services primary care providers offer and where they are located are two of the most important factors to take into consideration before deciding to whom they will go. 

At Spring Mountain Medical, we are committed to providing you with accessible, trusting, and personalized family care with only the best doctors and facilities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.