What Is Advanced Primary Care?

Advanced Primary Care (APC) is a revolutionary new model of medical practice that focuses on improving health outcomes and quality of care for patients. Traditional clinics operate on a fee-for-service model that prioritizes seeing a higher volume of patients to earn more profits. Primary care providers most often act as middlemen referring patients to specialists, making higher healthcare costs seem necessary as part of standard practice. APC offers a timely solution for this flawed approach by shifting the incentives for providers and payers. APC practices offer comprehensive, personalized care so that patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Advanced primary care eliminates conventional time constraints and allows clinicians to practice medicine the way they trained – with patients’ complete health and wellness being the highest priority. Healthcare providers are able to spend more time with patients and ensure that their particular needs are being properly addressed. APC also minimizes costs for patients by eliminating the need for reverse referrals. When a patient does need specialist care, APC practices streamline the process by fully managing and coordinating the medical care. In this case, APC providers remain involved and connected with their patients over the entire course of their treatment.

How Will I Benefit from Advanced Primary Care?

A single centralized location for all your primary care needs

Advanced primary care providers act as central points of contact for any primary care services you may need. APC centers usually employ a number of professionals with different fields of expertise so that you can get a broad scope of medical care under one roof.

Reduced healthcare costs

Advanced primary care changes the way patients access medical care and results in a substantial decrease in overall healthcare costs. Patients save on both time and money by taking advantage of empathetic, individualized care provided by APC centers.

Easy access to advisory support and continued care

When clinicians are able to build strong patient-provider relationships, they can come up with improved health management strategies. With advanced primary care, you can get solutions to smaller medical concerns as well as advice on the next treatment steps all within a single appointment.

Better outcomes for both physical and mental health

Advanced primary care ultimately aims to take the stress and uncertainty out of the healthcare equation so that both patients and care providers can focus on enhancing health outcomes. Thanks to shared decision-making and continuity of care, you get to be an active partner in your own healthcare journey.

Spring Mountain Medical is your one-stop solution for advanced primary care – offering a range of services for both acute and chronic healthcare needs. We are a fully integrated family practice dedicated to improving the quality of medical care in the community. We are proud to be the leading provider of advanced primary care services in the Las Vegas-Pahrump area.

Here at Spring Mountain Medical, we put your health and well-being first. We offer dependable personalized care to ensure that you and your family have access to the quality of healthcare you deserve. We understand your frustration with long waiting times and impersonal care at regular primary care centers, which is why our highly-trained professionals work tirelessly to upgrade your total healthcare experience. In addition to advanced primary care, we also offer diagnostic imaging, chiropractic and rehabilitative care, and pain management services.