Is there anything better than treating yourself to a well-deserved massage? We dare say that there is, in the form of a medical massage at a doctor’s office. While massages help reduce stress by addressing a person’s general well-being, a medical massage’s main focus is to minimize symptoms at a centralized location. 

Here, we discuss what exactly a medical massage is, as well as reasons why you should add one to your to-do list. 

What Is a Medical Massage?

A medical massage assists with rehabilitative care by coupling a massage with physical therapy. This process leads to positive rehabilitative care and allows muscles to relax. These relaxed muscles are much easier to manipulate, leaving patients with less pain. Furthermore, medical massages help relieve the negative symptom associated with surgeries. This form of medicinal care helps medical ailments in the following ways:

  • Decreases the need for large doses of pain medication: Unlike pain medication, medical massages are non-invasive and can help a patient in pain get back on the path to health in a safe and relaxing environment. 
  • Alleviates post-operative pain, anxiety, and stress management: Surgeries can have a longer effect on a person than you might think. Operations are tough on the body, and it may take a while until a patient feels as good as new again. Medical massages are a relaxing way for post-op patients to address their pain, anxiety, and even stress. 
  • Realigns muscles and joints to increase the range of motion: Another positive aspect of medical massages is that it assists in realigning muscles and joints, to improve a patient’s range of motion. Once again, this is done in a relaxing and non-invasive environment. 

Medical Massage vs. Regular Massage

While massages at a spa can be relaxing, their results are usually short-lived. Within no time, the stress or pain that left your body during a spa visit can return. A medical massage, on the other hand, focuses on improving muscles health. To do this, practitioners use a wider range of techniques than the ones that you’ll find during a spa visit. 

Furthermore, a patient will be given a treatment plan after a clinical massage. This is usually accompanied by a follow-up schedule.

3 Medical Massage Benefits

1. Make Pain More Manageable

Medical massages, often paired with physical therapy, make it easier to manage pain. This is especially relevant for people suffering from injuries or recovering from surgery. 

2. Improve Blood Circulation

Medical massages are great ways to improve someone’s blood circulation, which assists in the healing and rehabilitation process. It does so by boosting tissue metabolism and exchanging hormones, all of which are ideal for the healing process. 

3. Relieve Stress and Improve Range of Motion

Did you know that constant stress reduces your blood flow? This is due to tension in the muscles and surrounding tissue. Stress isn’t ideal for your body’s health. Luckily, medical massages get your blood flowing properly. 

Feel the Magic of a Medical Massage Today

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