Michael Taylor, DC

Dr. Taylor is at the heart and soul of Spring Mountain Medical and the community of Pahrump. Since arriving in the community he has played a prominent role in the well-being of its members. His commitment to the community has been evident in his support of local schools, sports programs, and other groups needing mentorship and wellness.

While working in a warehouse as a teenager Dr. Taylor sustained an injury that required assistance to overcome. His perception of chiropractors at the time made him a little reticent to follow up on the referral for treatment. That treatment experience changed everything and set him on the path to becoming a Chiropractor. Since that time, he has become a highly skilled Chiropractor with a broad range of skills and treatments.

Helping people be well through his specialty is his passion. Joint manipulation allows him to provide health and wellness that no other specialty can provide. His connected, hands-on approach provides a comprehensive physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. To Dr. Taylor, wellness is a full life connection that requires the heart of a servant-provider mentality.

Patients of Dr. Taylor can expect great results with some or all of his treatments which include Flexion-Distraction Therapy (a moderate decompression technique), simple exercise protocols intended to help people capable of all levels of fitness and activity, spinal adjustment and alignment, mixed manipulation with exercise and activity, and advanced coaching to help his patients take control over their own wellness.