Jacob Steckel, DC DACBSP CSCS

Jacob Steckel, DC

Dr. Steckel’s practice could be characterized by the broad range of chiropractic treatment plans and therapies he provides. His earliest experience with Chiropractic came as a young high school athlete. An injury that seemed easily treatable became complicated when the Chiropractor he visited complicated his injuries.

After numerous unsuccessful treatments he met a highly skilled Chiropractor that turned him around. The new and better treatment set him on his course to make people well through a wide range of treatments.

Functional performance of the human body is his passion. Practice treatments include Chiropractic, functional fitness, diet and wellness, sports medicine and therapy, and emergency care for acute pain or limitations. Don’t be surprised when you see him open his briefcase of medieval blades to practice the fine art of tissue manipulation to cure tendonitis or unresolved muscle soreness.

Dr. Steckel is committed to making the medicine practical. Patients experience a common sense approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. His approach is simple: 1) be committed to wellness; 2) practice involved, integrated treatment plans with patient input and buy-in; 3) spend more time with patients finding solutions that don’t require medication as a first line of defense; and 4) provide grounded, practical, rational, science-based medicine.